To do and see during your visit

Fauna and Flora

You will also find an abundance of Steenbok and Duiker here amongst the bushes.
The beach on the other hand is the home of hundreds of seagulls, cormorants and common terns that occasionally gather by the hundreds on the beach. Numerous breeding pairs of the scarce endangered black Oyster Cather (Swart Tobie) are also indigenous to this beach. Dolphins are a common sight in the waves as well as Cape seals. Long beach walks will reveal the real beauty of this unspoilt coastline. Access to the beach is possible with a 4x4 vehicle. A 4x4 vehicle in this part of the world (Sandveld) is advisable but not essential especially in the case of active people that enjoy walking and hiking.

Amazing Sunsets

This is the place on the West Coast of South Africa, where no two spectacular sunsets over the ocean look the same, and a very popular activity is to photograph this daily event, while enjoying a glass of wine coming from our numerous West Coast cellars in the near district.

Surrounding Towns and Attractions

The farm is halfway between Dwarskersbos and Elandsbay which is known for crayfish fishing and diving. Elandsbay has a newly built boat launch facility where boats can be put to water for fish and crayfish catching. This area is also very popular for surfing and has the best left hand break (winter months) in South Africa when the surf is up. The nearby Verloren Vlei area is known for its birdlife and spectacular views.